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The new found love for Press – Their Thoughts

By November 8, 2018 July 22nd, 2019 No Comments

Critics across the globe weighed in on Xenxo S-Ring and its many new features and they have quite a few words to say about it. Scroll through and read what they are saying about the smartest smart wearable.

By Inventiva
“Xenxo S-Ring redefined technology for integrating security and daily needs into a smart wearable”

By Centiplex
“Xenxo S Ring is a bridge between security and technology inform a smart wearable”

By StartupSuccessStories
“the perfect combination of techy and good design” “The Xenxo S-Ring is worth using product which is not only smart but takes care of every downside of other wearables, even the unspoken downside in terms of performance, quality and consistency.”

By Want
“The Xenxo S-ring is the new all-in-one device of the future”

By Sensorsmag
“smart Wearable Has A Ring To It” By Fhm: “a device like this is going to change our future.”

By die-smartwatch
“ring has 360-degree functionality”

That’s not all, come back later to check out more awesome reviews!
Xenxo S-Ring will be available for pre-order through kickstarter.com, we hope to see you there <3 Thanks!