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Advantages of using a Smart Ring than a Smart Watch or Smart Band

By June 17, 2019July 22nd, 2019No Comments

The use of smartphones from its time of invention until today had not faded away but the dependencies of smartphone change from time to time, leading to developing its most miniature version to use. There is always a huge wave for the future with great technological advancements, that too, in recent years, the wave for wearables, have been drastically increased with interest over smart bands and smartwatches.

Do you know that we have kicked great height in search of a fantastic wearable tech all-time?

Yes, wearables are shrinking to its core, as it evolves to be finger worn from wrist worn. As this shrink takes by, there is always a need to know how smart rings are better compared to other smart wearable devices.

Well, before, we look into the comparison, let us imagine a day without a mobile phone. Each and every day rolls out with the use of mobile phones to take calls, message notifications, alarms, health features, etc. We get bored without getting sizzles and fizzles of alerts from mobile phones on such a day. When we think of having a smart wearable to perform similar operations as such a mobile phone does, we would more likely go ahead with the one that is more beneficial. 

Here are some really exciting features of the smart ring that lags in other smart wearables.

Privacy Matters the most

Centuries of technology problems can only be sorted by technology itself. Even though any smart wearables seem to be operating the same, privacy with intimacy lags in smartwatches or bands incomparable to smart rings. The loud out speakers in smartwatches and bands can reveal your information to a third person out with you.

Short Battery life

Smart rings being small consumes very less power than any other smart wearables. Smart rings, however, withstand power up to 3 to 5 days without charging, while smart bands, smart watches and others have only 1- or 2-days capacity to withstand charge.

Less in Comfort 

Smart watches are rugged devices that hung around your wrist making you feel heavy to carry, whilst smart rings are meant for great comfort. With a lightweight and aesthetic appearance, it would not stop us from loving to wear it any time, when fitted with perfect size.


When you want it with the best features, smart watches and bands appear to be too costly in comparison to smart rings, which can be bought for a reasonable price much lesser than other best smart wearables available today.

Environmental damage

Being highly visible, smartwatches are likely to get caught with disastrous deeds happening day to day during life’s rough schedules. They get damaged easily with a big screen and features for people involved in a hard environment and sports activities, which cannot be revived upon cost.

So, it is easy to understand that, smart rings are built with more technology drafted into a small piece of slimy gadget in the form of a ring. The days with a craze over smartwatches, smart bands have gone and it is time to welcome the new vogue, the smart ring. The year 2019, doesn’t need any introduction for smart rings, it is already on its track to grab the fingers of everyone. 

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