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Are the solutions provided by your smart wearable really smart?

By May 22, 2019July 22nd, 2019No Comments

Ask anybody what personal technology devices will look like 10 years from now, and you’ll apparently get an incorrect answer. A decade ago, almost nobody could predict that there would be smarter devices that could be worn and used for tracking fitness, readout time, notifies message, tracks health and so on. But that is what occurs exactly.

It is not a wonder that smart wearables are well-known among tech geeks. Why would anyone want another electronic gizmo similar to their smartphones? But you are certainly wrong if you believe these devices are for tech geeks only. There is a need to spend time to seek the truth about smart wearables and their wide functionalities. 

Staying connected always:

As we know, smart wearables can no longer exist without smartphones. Wearables can alert you of messages, emails, incoming calls, and much more without having to regularly check your phone. It can even assist you to locate your mobile when it is lost. The possibilities for increased comfort and connectivity with wearables are infinite.


The most revolutionising field of smart wearables is healthcare. With smart wearable able to monitor health and sleep patterns of individuals, one can easily track the data on their health with these associated apps and sensible devices worn. These body sensing wearables can measure an awesome range of parameters such as Heart rate, skin temperature, skin moisture levels, Body temperature, Calories burned, distance travelled, sleep quality, sleep patterns, and much more.

Data accuracy, privacy, security:

Most of the devices probably measure with nearing data accuracy, which can be effective for the user. Collected information will be safely stored into your device and can be shared to anyone, only when needed. Authentication and data security have enabled securing data from loss or leaking.

Personal trainer:

Smart wearables are fitness trackers, that personally share your information on distance travelled, step count, etc. Even some devices have the feasibility to help promote user doing daily workouts. 

Outdoor Navigation:

Not all the smart wearable devices are used for navigation, but some have the utility to navigate while connected to your smartphone. Additionally, weather detection can also help with knowing your positive weather report before your travel.

A Memory assistant:

Passwords can be stored and easily applied when needed for authentication with some wearables. They can alert you whenever you fail to do workouts, take tablets, out of reach of smartphones, business meetings, etc.

Can you measure smartness of your smart wearables?

Obviously no, we cannot predict how smart a smart wearable is but can say whether it is smart or not. You would have already heard of the expansion of SMART. But, can that be applied for smart wearables too? The fact is so simple. Smart wearables should be helpful enough and at the same time, it needs to be designed SMART. There are so many expansions for the term SMART, but the essence of it in technology is Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology. Choose the smart wearable that is really designed SMART for you.