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Do you think your smart wearable can ease your pain?

By April 17, 2019July 22nd, 2019No Comments

In those days, smartness is determined with the measure of Intelligence quotient (IQ). People are identified to be smart only with this IQ number. With the arrival of smart gadgets into the world, the question “How smart are you?” is changed to “How are you smart?”. Smartness of these days refers to the smart devices you choose to accompany your life.

“Smart” – literally refers to “quick-witted intelligence”. Smart wearables get its name from this quick artificial intelligence, your wearable holds. Some years back, we were into the use of desktop computers which then hauled into as laptops. Then came the handheld devices, which created the craze of smartness, in the form of smartphones. They are ample gadgets with bits and bytes of things that brought the world into our hands anywhere, anytime and with anyone. Smart rings arouse when ample turns into an amaze.

For more than decades, tech geeks are imploring ideas for possibilities in wearable devices. For any device, that has to work with speed, should meet up power requirements. A smart device is just a piece of metal without proper battery life. Now, with improved batteries, ever-increasing activities, endless Internet connectivity and smart software programming, wearable technology’s potential looks not only genuine but endless.

Smart wearables are classified according to their appearance and functions. Some of the smart wearables available in the market at present are wearable fitness trackers, smart glasses, smart watches, smart rings, smart helmets, smart headgear, etc. Possibilities of your smart wear say whether your smart wearables are pain or vain.

Completeness of a smart wearable – Fashion with Functionality:

Attractiveness is the key to driving demand. Though smart wearables are fashionable, they get completed only with covering maximum features of the smartphone. Smartness cannot be said with only one or two features. It is a pack of features, that reduces the use of smartphones with an added advantage. For example, a wearable with the only fitness feature can benefit only fitness lovers and not others. It is really a fact that smart wearable has a need to perform more operations at the same time, in the same device. Many wearables fail to do so.

Personal Excellence:

Smart wearables are devices to exhibit one’s personal excellence. Your wearable should allow you to access with ease for its features and operations. The application that comes along with the wearable also needs to seamlessly connect and associate with its working.

Technology Packed:

In olden days, people had no idea in setting alarms. With the evolution of an Alarm clock, people found it easier to set time to wake them up. Smartphone even reduced their load with automated alarms for all days. Once set, it does on the go. As advancement comes by these days, an alarm can be made for personal use without making it loud to wake up everyone. This is the miracle of technology in it. Every smart wearable is meant to show its miracle in every feature built out of technology. With the ubiquitous Internet of Things (IoT), the wireless connectivity can be established by the means of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Near Field Communication (NFC), and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) that power wearable devices. Again, your wearable devices should have extended battery life that stands for more hours, possibly days.

All-day companion:

The wearables are unique products that are more fashionable, easy to use, and most importantly ‘invisible’. Your smart wearable is your partner throughout your day with features to help with waking you up in the morning, your fitness advisor/tracker, location finder, time speak-out gadget, fast and secure payment, music device, distress manager and with some more features that reduce the use of your mobile phone. Finally, it should be intimate.

Choice always matters in every walk of life. So, stop sleepwalking with your worst working gadget, which is something to be experienced and not drifted through. A good choice of wearables can help you win many worst situations of life. Live your life more consciously every day with good wearables.