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Fake Websites Alert from Xenxo Team

By August 17, 2019November 1st, 2021No Comments

Second Safety Alert!!!!! Product scam is an ongoing threat to everyone in this technology era where fake products are sold for looting money. Unfortunately, unethical people are trying to use the Xenxo brand to scam and defraud others. We, at Xenxo, would want to share some of the most vicious scams that are going around the web recently trying to ensure that you are not being cheated anymore. Those scam website that claims less cost, limited time offer, free cash on delivery, and what not with the official pictures and videos of Xenxo S-Ring. We request everyone, who wishes to have a smart wearable, not to believe those scams.  

We are available only on Indiegogo
We stress this time and again on all the social platforms that we are available only on Indiegogo. Kindly do not trust any other scam website or social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram with the Xenxo S-Ring pictures and Videos. 

Help us stop these scams
Let us know if you come across such scam in any social media posts or websites with the images and videos of Xenxo S-Ring. Kindly write to us to and we will take necessary action on those fraudulent sites.

Xenxo Team will not be responsible for these kinds of fraudulent activities and we are raising an alarm against social media and other web scams with Xenxo official Images and videos. We have also taken strict action on this issue by reporting this to International Cybercrime and hope to get sorted soon.