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Fake Websites Alert!

By May 7, 2022June 6th, 2022No Comments

Dear Visitors,

We are enheartened that finally it looks like COVID might recede and the economy is gearing up for a restart. As we ourselves also restart the mechanism for the release of our much-awaited and insanely gorgeous  Xenxo S-Ring, our first flagship offering.

At this juncture, we are upset and saddened to receive many calls and emails from disheartened customers who tell us about how they were duped by fake websites. They have been taken in by fake websites that collect information and pictures without authorization from our own website, and put them in their sham website in order to con people.

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While we continue to issue multiple notices concerning this on our Facebook pages, Blogs, and other social media sites and reported cybercrime as well, the number of frustrated customer count approaching the Xenxo Support Team is ever increasing. The fake websites have published an address similar to ours but totally fake. Such an address does not exist.

There are some facts that I wish to bring to your notice here about the fake websites, who are conning the public in our name.

Fake website names: The fake websites carry the name of and,,,, & such.

Pricing: The fake website cons people with cheap pricing of 299 INR, 499 INR and  such. The real Xenxo S-Ring booked on is priced at a special pre-order offering of 189.95 USD

Unauthorized Access of Documents: These fake websites use without authorization, product pictures, videos, taglines and descriptions from our website in the fake websites.

When we followed up on complaints about cybercrime, the fake website called was blocked and they have opened another new website called

Xenxo S-Ring is our first preorder flagship launch, primarily developed through crowdfunding. We are proud of the faith and show of trust our backers have always shown us. And we are going strong in our race to reach touchdown.

Please support us by having a clear understanding that is our only website.  Our product, the Xenxo S-Ring is available through a pre-order placement through the ONLY. Kindly understand that we do not bear any responsibility for these other websites that use our name, pictures, and product description to scam people.

Please do not trust any other websites but to place a pre-order for Xenxo S-Ring, unless & until we officially announce it in our official website,

Anyone who has made payment in such fake websites, Kindly contact those websites for the refund. In no way, we can’t take any responsibility to do refund.

I request the public to stay aware and vigilant in avoiding such spurious websites.

Stay safe and Be Well.

Warm regards,
Team Xenxo!