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9 most important things to be considered before choosing the best smart wearable

By March 10, 2019July 22nd, 2019No Comments

Mobile phones are the most incredible gadgets around the world, which clung in the hands of everyone in a house today. No matter what we do each day, we do not fail to look into it minute-to-minute. A day wakes up with hearing the alarm and ends up with setting it back to hit the next day.  Even we have become captives of our smart companion, the mobile phone. But its need, would not let us dropping it from hands.

Smart wearables are the angels of smartphones, that comes to ease your life with technology. With smart wearables connected to the mobile phone overcome most of life’s pathetic situations. Though many smart wearables have entered the world, choosing the right wearable plays an important role.

Smart Watches, Fitness Trackers, Sports Watches, VR Headgear, Smart Clothing, Smart Jewellery, Smart Body-Implantation devices are some of the familiar smart wearables of today’s world. While looking on to the benefits, they are going to offer, it is also needed to know of the issues around wearable devices which includes privacy, the extent to which they change social interactions, how you look when wearing them and user-friendly design. So, choosing the right wearable device of your choice is crucially important.

Here comes the things to be considered, before choosing the smartest among smart wearables:

1. Extended Battery life:

However thin, small and lightweight, the main constraint of any wearable device is battery life. A good wearable should run at least 3 days to a year without charging.

2. Reasonable Cost:

Choosing a wearable device that suits your style at affordable prices is again important, since, we cannot pay high for a device that works like stone, instead, we really need the technology crafted in it within a reasonable price. A basic comparison with the cost and the features opted can provide a better solution, at times.

3. Stylish Appearance:

Most of the wearables look clunky in appearance, whereas, the stylish appearance with all the functions proves to be an elite choice of look. When this elegant appearance meets with effective functionality, it simply awes.

4. Versatility:

Highly versatile wearable allows to be compatible with Apple and Android OS, with any input options and integrates with earlier and other versions of the device model.

5. Waterproof or water resistant:

This is really a confusing part of the selection as the things being labelled as waterproof doesn’t seem to be the one that creates you to continue staring down at a broken piece of kit. Water resistant essentially means that something is designed to make it difficult for water to infiltrate, whereas, Waterproof means that something is impervious to water. It appears tricky as there is no specific industry standard has been established to prove something is waterproof.

IP – stands for ingress protection and is a rating system that’s set up by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), that rates the intensity of water ingression as IP67, IP68 or something similar. The first digit denotes its ability to ingress solid particles such as dust, whereas, the second digit denotes its ability to ingress water or similar liquids. However, the higher the number, the better the protection.

6. Functionality:

Any wearable device that crosses all the above, in particular, should also prove to be ergonomically designed for efficiency, easy to navigate, non-glitchy and comfortable in any working environment.

7. Mobile apps:

Having a right set of applications is quite important as well, as any wearable device is ruled by both wearable and mobile technology revolution. A wearable device app must have applications that deliver an augmented reality experience.

8. Data security:

Vendors must have data security features that not only physically guard the device against strangers but also guard the information as relays. Data security has to be enabled with two-factor authentication, secure cloud access, secure browsers and secure mail applications.

9. Hands-free:

As our smartphones replace our wallets and other carriables, it becomes essential that our wearable device talks in real time with our phone.

Now, ask yourself, is your wearable device worth with all the above, to be enough to make you smarter. Smarter decisions bring smarter solutions to problems in life.