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Pros and cons of wearables in workplace

By December 31, 2018July 22nd, 2019No Comments

Are you considering the smart wearable technology to improve your employee’s work day and get works more productive out of them? Here are a few pros and cons of using smart wearable in the workspace you should read by before going on and getting one for all of them!

So let’s get right into it, here are the pros

Increases productivity
The best wearable innovation is intended to make daily undertakings less demanding and more advantageous. In the working environment, technology such as this can be put to use in an assortment of ways. It should enable us to take care of issues faster and in ways that altogether advantage both the organization and its clients.

Increases employee satisfaction
Consider the first occasion when you were capable utilize WiFi at work, or when you were offered access to a smartphone application that made your activity 20% simpler. When that kind of thing happens, you feel much more fulfilled at work, and your profitability levels will for the most part increment at a similar rate.

Pick the correct wearable technology for your business, and there’s a solid shot that you’ll see a noteworthy inspire in employee fulfillment and engagement, which alone makes the investment more than worth it.

Create fitter employees
As an HR expert will let you know, fit employees are gainful employees, and if the introduction of a company wearable tech as a liven of working for the business brings about staff investing more energy in the gym their performance at work should step up several gears.

Cons go here

It can sometimes be a hindrance to their focus
The small compact form factor of the smart wearables these days creates an opportunity for the employees to check their messages, social media or chat more than often before rather than working.

Wearables can have health risks
Experts across medical fields have been communicating their worry on human as they are being exposed to radio waves than ever before. And with the introduction of smart wearables that hangs on to you on a daily basis, they are more concerned regarding the wellbeing of the users.

There are limitations to the use of wearables because of their size
Even being in a small form factor wearables might seem too big at times and won’t adapt to the lifestyle you follow as well as won’t be of much use when you need to do something with one hand.

Wearable technology may pose security risks
Before presenting any type of wearable technology, it’s indispensable that you initially evaluate the potential effect it will have on staff. For it to work successfully, it should be completely trusted and clearly designed to undertake a very specific role within the business.

To wrap things up,

Not every smart wearable can tick all the pros and overcome all the cons. There are a few smart wearable companies who sorted those things for the most part but still, the product ended up more expensive than others in the market.

In a vast pool of wearable tech, none has been this close to sorting out all the cons and improving on all the pros as Xenxo S-Ring is. The Ring makes way for a smart and secure future as it houses features such as Bluetooth phone calls, Data Storage on the go, track fitness, making payment without security concerns, and certain life-saving features such as smart SOS which will come in handy in tricky situations for people approaching strangers.

The Ring has also promised that it increases of up to 8.5% in productivity, along with a rise in job satisfaction of 3.5%. Xenxo S-Ring with its amazingly unique features and compact stylish form factor sure is one smart wearable that can simply be said as the best smart ring (or) even best smart wearable in today’s industry and that same smart ring can be used both for iPhone/Android users.