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Shield yourself with the S-Ring, the secret weapon!

By October 27, 2019November 27th, 2019No Comments

No one can notice you wearing it as a secret weapon. Do you know how?

It’s still relatively early days for wearables industry to explore what functionality is likely to be appealing to owners and what might prove unwelcome. Distress calls or emergency calls through Personal Safety Devices (PSD) lets us know with the ‘help’ shouts from your loved ones, even when we are away from them. PSD are found everywhere with increased alarm for safety and continuing abuses against female children and women around the world. However, available in different forms such as emergency loud whistlers, pendants, safety clip buttons, and wearables such as a watch, wristband, ring, smart jewellery, etc., the discreet use of these panic button enabled devices is demanded when one seeks to use it.

“Now Safety at your hands”
The new technology advancements had made SOS feature handy as an application in our smartphones, to save emergency contact and contacting them in distress. Hence, when we look into using these devices, they merely alert the offender informing that the victim is activating something for their help. But it needs to be hidden from the offender or the stranger, to dare the situation. Though it helps in enabling the SOS at the right time, every device fails to activate them without knowing the one who does such instances. So, ensuring safety with the use of SOS is imminent.

A secret weapon is something that can be wilfully believed to achieve certain things while other people are certainly unaware of it. In the way, Xenxo S-Ring is designed to activate SOS without the knowledge of the offender. This primary security feature of S-Ring can be used to alert your loved ones during distress. S-Ring was initially ideated with the concept of SOS in mind and then evolved into a pack of 12 featured Xenxo S-Ring. 

On giving a long-press in the beauty of S-Ring, the “X” button, SOS gets activated and S-Ring sends a “Help” call alert to the saved emergency contacts in the mobile app. Also, voice recording is done at particular intervals and sent to the contacts to help them aware of the alarming situation of the one raising the call.

However, ‘the invention for safety – Xenxo S-Ring’, is the first device to have SOS feature in the form of a ring with a hidden button in it. Now feel confident and safe with Xenxo S-Ring, when you are alone.

How Xenxo S-Ring assures Safety as a priority?
Xenxo S-Ring, as a true smart wearable device has the following characteristics:

  1. Hands-free (unrestrictive): Easy to use with so many features.
  2. Always-ON (Controllable): You get control of it anytime and anywhere.
  3. Environment-aware (Attentive): Electronically aware of the environment and the user.
  4. Care-seeking (Observable): Gets notified for calls, messages and any other alerts and reminders.
  5. Connected (Communicative): Connectivity is established at real-time anytime. 
  6. Unmonopolizing (Not taking over): Keeps in touch with the outside world without controlling the user. 

Which means the secret of being safety and security lies only in your hands within Xenxo S-Ring giving a whole hope of stress-free life with SOS. It solely answers the question: What could you do when you have the feeling of someone, silently noticing you for distress making you whisk for life?

The SMARTER you are, the easier it is to juggle life’s responsibilities, especially safety and security. When used in the right way, S-Ring can secure you in lots of situations, leading to increased feelings of general privacy and wellbeing, and give you the confidence to tackle circumstances in smarter ways – making you stress-free.