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Smart Wearables – A streak of Technology Boom

By July 20, 2019November 26th, 2019No Comments

“Awesomeeee! to hold this tech piece”, were the words, when the first smartphone came into the eyes of everyone. From its year of evolution in 1992 to this day, no one would have dreamt of something smarter to smartphones. In fact, smartphones were the greatest craze for many and cannot be replaced so soon for its use. Though smartphones have numerous benefits, it has its limitations too. 

The big screen of the mobile device shows up a greater screen time among the mobile phone users and most teens. But there is something that is already on its platform to make you feel safe and better with primary functionalities of smartphones. These smart companions or gadgets are called smart wearable devices. Smart wearables are typically ones’ personal devices or gadgets that are intended to perform your regular and difficult tasks. 

You may be tired of measuring your calorie levels each day, counting your steps all day long, howling alarms that disturb your sleep, setting reminders to carry door keys, wallets, storage drives, etc. You may worry to remember so many things that are integrated into your life. The smart wearables can help you out with all these tasks when connected to your mobile device. You may think, “How this will work?”. But it is possible with these tech gizmos when everything around you gets smarter and smaller. Such progress in technology is really pretty cool and astonishing. Moreover, as wearable devices become tinier, modest, and more feature-packed, the chances for usage in various applications increases alongside.

Personal safety
Personal safety devices are helping hands for life’s most risky situations. What if you scream for help is not heard out? What if your pepper spray doesn’t work at times or has less effect to attack the stranger? Smart wearables are designed to save your lives as well. They are not only for tracking with your steps, sleep, calories, etc, but it has SOS features too with quick intimation to your emergency contacts. Moreover, it goes further with live recording and audio streaming to your emergency contacts without stranger’s notice. They can be in the form of a wearable cloth, bracelets, tags, cling devices, lockets, rings, etc. For these reasons, Personal safety device selection is important as well since your smart wearable is a great comrade of strength with you. 

Health and fitness tracking
You require 3 things to stay fit and healthy: Have healthy food, do exercise regularly and have adequate sleep. And, to have a track of all these to keep you fit, healthy and balanced, you want a genuine and best wearable device. Today’s wearable devices can measure most of the fitness-related metrics such as footsteps or distance ran, calories burnt, and in few cases, heartbeat, quality of sleep, body temperature, brain activity, muscle motion and other significant data can be taken through these smart wearable devices. 

The Best Connectivity
Connecting the smart wearable device to your mobile device allows you to receive calls, get notifications and stream music and do anything else which simply needs to be connected to your phone.

Though the wearables market is booming with new devices and tech-accessories into the world each day, always remember, that the smart wearable you choose should heal you through easing your pain. A good wearable device is really evidence of good functionality packed with ergonomic design. Go lookout for the world’s smartest smart wearable.