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A time to pause, look closer and to react!

By September 9, 2018July 22nd, 2019No Comments

“Hello”, It is quite a word, isn’t it? We at Xenxo feel so excited and hyped to say hello to all of you guys personally. This has been our dream so long now. Yes, there have been hindrances in our way so far, but here we are, shouting out hello to the entire world. Now, let’s see what we are all hyped to show you guys. We are proud to present you guys the revolutionary “Xenxo S-Ring”, a smart wearable that is crafted with solutions to resolve today world’s issues and to define next generation smart wearables.

Now, why do we call Xenxo S-Ring as

“The World’s Smartest Smart Wearable”?

A good wearable allows you to accomplish some tasks exceedingly well, even super efficiently, but then a great wearable – it assists you in accomplishing all the tasks you expect it to and then it converges them with unexpected, surprising elements so powerful, they change the context forever. And this is why we believe the Xenxo S-Ring begins, from where other wearables cannot.

Packed with life’s essential features, the ring makes way for a future where everyone could do more with a lot less. The ring with its 12+ smart features replaces the need for carrying your daily commuting gadgets among those some of them are, Wallets, Watches, Bluetooth headsets, Smart Wearables, USB Drive and Access Cards, merging them into 1 small curvy and beautiful gadget.

A word out to you guys:

Our team is overwhelmed with joy and excitement by the kind of responses we are hearing from you guys and we appreciate the love and support you have shown towards us. It has been a time of dreams coming true so far to us. But there’s really a long road ahead. We are planning a big pre-order event soon on Kickstarter. We need your support there more than ever. Keep on loving and supporting us. Oh, and if you have time, feel free to share the love for Xenxo with your friends and family.