Dear Customers,

Thank you for your great patience! 

We begin our update with a strong reminder and assurance that we are still working on completing our project and the advent of a worldwide pandemic, followed by an international border dispute between India and China prevented us from entering China to commence production. These are the only reasons for this unanticipated delay in completing the project and delivering the rewards. 

Our sincere apologies and deep regret in this regard and our warmest thanks and appreciation for the faith and understanding shown regarding this. 

Please understand that like other crowdfunded projects we are start-up inventors with minimal resources, and other limitations and these unexpected turns of events have been out of our control. It has been hard for you, waiting for your pre-order and it has been harder for us to keep our aspirations alive in the face of your disappointments and mounting burdens.

Yes, it’s been a while since we shared our last update but as a startup, there have been other hurdles to resolve, back to back, before we could reach our update section and post the progress as new changes are made in our workflow systems.

Firstly, we shall give you the top level overview:

  1. Work that has been completed so far.
  2. The new system update/ changes we have implemented recently.
  3. The steps left to initiate the delivery.
  4. The challenges we have faced & facing.
  1. Things have been completed so far:
  • Phase 1: Electrical Engineering (EE), Firmware Development (FW), Mechanical Engineering (ME) and the Android & iOS development are finished. The entire R & D phase is completed. We are doing multiple test runs & optimizing the whole OS & the system.
  • Phase 2: The New Product Introduction (NPI) phase has already started and part of it got completed. The tooling opening process has been completed & some of the Standard Certifications have been completed. We are proceeding with the CE & FCC certification by an accredited test house.
  1. The new changes we made recently: Website Optimisations
  • Update Your Email Address

Never get logged out again! We have enabled our website so you can change your login email address effortlessly by yourself.

  • Change of Shipping Address & Update your Ring Size 

This is a major concern for our backers and we have addressed it. Now you can directly update your current shipping address easily by logging into You can also update your ring size choices on the order page at any time. Kindly freeze in the final choice before we announce shipping dates. Due to more limitations, we are proceeding with 1 Color option, which is White.   

  • Shipment Status

We are incorporating a link in the website where you can track your shipping status at any time after logging in.

  • Ring Size Measurement Tutorial/Video of a sizing demonstration (Will be uploaded soon)

We have included a portal link to enable a 3D model for measuring your size. You can choose the most comfortable size for you in two ways: one, with the printable sizing chart, and the other, with the support of 3D models of the ring, to measure your ring size. Based on these, you can find the right fit for you.

Also, the videos and other support materials will be shared, to help you measure your ring size easily. Once this portal is live, we will update you regarding the same.

With these optimizations, going forward, we hope we can cater to you easily whenever you need to change, update, or check in on your reward status.

  • ChatBot @ and New Suggestions Through FeedBack Form

We are now always there to lend you an ear, through our friendly chatbot. You can quickly connect to us through our chatbot. You will be able to get quick answers to your questions, and for those questions that you cannot find answers to, you can leave feedback, and our customer support team will contact you.

  • Rise New Ticket / Support / Concern

We have enabled a link in the knowledge base where you can raise a new query or concern or get extra support by creating a ticket. Xenxo Support will reach out to you.


  • Know much more about the Xenxo website & S-Ring (Knowledge Base)

We have linked access to our knowledge base. You can find ready answers on the knowledge base regarding our products and services. We have updated and refreshed the frequently asked questions to include more product details and information based on recent upgrades and certifications. You can also find relevant information regarding new service updates for your quick and easy reference.


  1. The steps left before we initiate the delivery.
  • After many iterations & testing, we are about to receive the Golden Samples & we will share with you the functional video of all the features (except the NFC payment). 
  • Once we receive the CE & FCC certificate, then we can proceed with the other certifications.
  • Once certifications are completed, we can progress with Mass Production Round 1 & initiate the shipping.
  1. The challenges we have faced & facing:

While the supply chain shortage and travel restrictions were slightly easing up with widespread vaccinations, still the Indo-China border restrictions continue to put a brake on production. An effective ban by Chinese authorities on travellers from India for the past two years has strained Indian businesses in China. Indian citizens have not been able to travel to China, including those who have met China’s condition of getting vaccinated with Chinese vaccines. This is affecting business the world over, especially in India.

Currently, we are in the completion of Phase 2, which is the Tooling and Certification of the product. We have completed many of the tests already, but there are some final knots to be done up yet. Also, since we are operating & validating these tests from remote countries, with the effects of Covid delays and now the Indo-China border conflicts, the process is getting delayed and it is not in our control.

We hope you have understood the delay caused which is not in our control, while we are crafting this amazing project for you. 

All our certifications and testing so far showcase our excellence. We are going forward even though the costs have gone up, but we are working out many dynamics to retain the price offered to you without any compromise on quality.

A Note from the Creator: 

A person who stands alone and apart from the crowd has a Xenxo in their hand. Such an individual’s path is different from the crowd. I consider each of my Backers to be such a special individual. “The people who buy the S-Ring, they are not the people that will just get their jobs done, they’re out to change the world to swim against the tide, to create your own path.  

Xenxo S-Ring in your hand makes you not just more productive, but also more creative. It impacts your work, your joy, your dreams, your network, and your space; Own It All, with the amazing, Xenxo S-Ring! It is worth the wait.

We always take every chance to stay focused & choose wisely, to continue to impact people’s lives in our own small way, for the better. We are constantly moving towards this bigger vision and not for mere economic success since this is the very beginning, & we always will. 

As always, I Thank You, truly and sincerely for trusting us & being an unforgettable and undeniably important part of this bigger journey!



Vikey & Xenxo Team!

Last Updated on 19th May 2022.